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Standard Whoopsies Pack


This listing is for 8 SHEETS plus a sampler/die cut whoopsie!
These sheets are either miscut/not fully cut, printed on the wrong setting, old stock with former branding (some are not even whoopsies) or missing a few stickers (never more than 1/4 of them will be missing), etc. 
You will receive 4 half sheets, 4 quarter sheets, and a sampler/die cut. 
These are limited quantities. Once they sell out, they're gone!
Please note the following BEFORE purchasing, if any of the following rules are broken, your order will be immediately refunded and cancelled without warning. I apologize for the inconvenience, but since these sell relatively quickly, I do my best to keep things fair.
1) Five whoopsie packs per customer! (You can get 5 in total and are able to mix and match Standard or Little Whoospies) *LIMIT HAS BEEN LIFTED! GRAB AS MANY AS YOU WANT!*
2) You will not receive the same pretty packaging I provide for regular purchases. These will come in a cello bag. Absolutely no frills.
3) You cannot use coupons on this listing and this includes bear hug rewards. You may use gift card codes though!
4) You may purchase other items with your whoopsie packs, but orders that have ONLY whoopsies will be processed first. Once they're all gone through, I will resume sequential order by order #s. *THE RUSH HAS ENDED. WE ARE CURRENTLY FILLING ORDERS SEQUENTIALLY*

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